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Transform global retailing with a unique point of sale, providing unparalleled versatility and the power to yield outstanding profits


The retail world has changed and continues to evolve. Keeping pace with the retail evolution poses a constant challenge for retailers and customers worldwide.

In response to these changes, we have developed a unique point of sale which offers a revolutionary approach. Our modular application (the result of 2 years of development and testing) offers a number of advantages to retailers and customers worldwide. The versatility of this application not only simplifies the customer order process (with a variety of designs and prices to suit every pocket), but also enables retailers to increase their sales.


Originally designed for selling jewelry (with a special emphasis on personalized jewelry), recent enhancements enable the application to be used for any line of products in any industry. Catering to customer needs is one of our priorities and we make every effort to incorporate changes.


Our company offers to E-commerce and local stores many affiliate programs

1. Standalone touch-screen point of sale for location in the retailer’s store:

     a) The application is tailored to the retailer’s business (jewelry, fashion etc.).

     b) For jewelry retailers, simulations of items of personalized jewelry are embedded

         in the application (Pendant, rings, Earrings, etc.).

2. Manufacture of handmade jewelry and drop-shipping.

3. Incorporation of our own unique jewelry collection in retailers’ websites (using our proprietary software solution).

4. Cooperation and global marketing of collections from other vendors in a win-win setup.

In addition to developing our point of sale, we design, manufacture and sell an extensive range of sterling silver, 18k solid gold,
14k solid gold and gold-plated jewelry, including personalized name necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants. All items of jewelry are handmade by jewelers using only the finest quality materials and finishes.


Along with our expertise, we have a reputation for integrity in all our business dealings. We provide excellent service to our customers and operate as a preferred supplier to wholesalers and online stores worldwide.


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Personalized Jewelry POS



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