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"I do not believe you can do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow" ( Nelson Jackson )


In 2014 we made a decision to enhance our point of sale for our line of personalized jewelry. We work with many wholesalers and jewelry retailers all over the world (in the USA, Australia and Europe) who buy name necklaces and other items of personalized jewelry from our company. Following discussions with ten of our largest customers, we decided to develop our own dedicated point of sale – a 22" touchscreen interface that would enable our clients to increase their sales by offering their customers a unique buying experience.

How does it work?

We've made it as simple as possible. To place an order, follow the five steps below. (The process takes approximately one minute.)

application flow

1. Type the name required for the personalized item of jewelry (i.e. for the pendant, ring earrings, etc.)

enter your name

2. From the list of options, select the design you wish to purchase.

select collection

select design

3. Specify the chain length and necklace thickness (only applicable to a pendant). Indicate whether you wish to add a greeting card. Use the appropriate field to add comments to your order, if required.
Click "Proceed to Checkout".

personal design info

4. Enter shipping information. You may choose to collect your order from the store or have it shipped to an address of your choice. Ensure that you fill in all the fields.
Click "Order Now!"

shipping information 

5. Complete the payment process. 

The item will be shipped either to you or your customer within a few days. Our online customer service team is available to help you with the order process (almost 24/7).

Payment procedure

After a customer has submitted an order, the payment procedure is as follows:

1. The application sends an email from "Personalized Jewelry" to you and the customer listing all the details of the order.
2. The customer pays you for the order. (Use your user name and password to display details of the order in the back office software. These details also appear in the email sent to you by "Personalized Jewelry".) As a retailer, you will receive a user name and password for our back office system.
3. Approve the order in the back office system (using the dedicated user name and password).
4. Pay "Personalized Jewelry" the cost of the personalized jewelry using PayPal or a credit card.

Application deployment

The following section describes the deployment of the application at the point of sale.

1. "Personalized Jewelry" will provide you with a new touchscreen (all-in-one) with the application installed. You must connect it to the power, turn it on and connect to the internet.

2.The application arrives with our best-selling items activated, based on our experience in each country.
3. "Personalized Jewelry" can change the retail prices on demand.
4. "Personalized Jewelry" optimizes your POS (Point of Sale) every 21 days.




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