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Anyone interested in purchasing a high-quality, gold name necklace may already be familiar with some of the terms that are used to refer to gold. However, some people find these terms confusing.  In recent years, customized gold name necklaces have been in vogue for a number of reasons. One good reason for buying a name necklace in gold stems from the fact that this material does not react to the elements and does not tarnish. Apart from just a few people who are allergic to gold, the majority of the population can wear gold without any problems. The main differences between 14k gold and 18k gold are described below.

Gold jewelry and ornaments, such as gold name necklaces, may not necessarily be made out of pure gold, since the gold from which they are made undergoes a process known as alloying. During this process, the gold is strengthened by mixing it with a number of other elements. As pure gold is extremely soft, it needs to be mixed with elements such as nickel, copper or even silver, in order to enhance the durability of the end product. This process results in the different classifications of gold.

If you are told that your personalized name necklace is made of 14k gold, it simply means that it is made of 58.3% gold, whereas an 18k gold name necklace is made of 75% gold. An item made of 18k gold is more yellowish in color than that of its 14k counterpart, since it contains a higher percentage of pure gold. Apparently, 18k gold appears to be more popular in Europe, whereas Americans tend to prefer name necklaces made of 14k gold. People who are physically active are advised to wear 14k gold name necklaces rather than those manufactured in 18k gold.

Customers on a tight budget should consider purchasing a 14k gold name necklace rather than an 18k one, as the cost of 14k gold is slightly lower. Despite its slightly lower value, however, a 14k gold name necklace will nevertheless make a beautiful and stylish gift. Note that you cannot differentiate between the two types of gold by simply looking at the name necklace with your naked eye; an examination of the markings is the only way to tell the two apart.