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Consider the following benefits:

If you already sell personalized jewelry:

1. Increase your sales – Enhancing your point of sale with our touchscreen application will increase your personalized jewelry sales by an average of 250%.
2. New attraction – Shoppers love innovations. Our touchscreen device will attract more customers because people will stop to check it out.
3. Zero effort – You can lighten your load. Let us manufacture the jewelry for you, package it in decorative boxes and ship it either to you or directly to your customers.
4. Margin – Since we manufacture hundreds of name necklaces every day, we commit to maintaining your current margin or even improving it.
5. Quality – All our items of jewelry are handmade. We offer a 100-day return policy with no questions asked.
6. Packing – We dispatch our name necklaces and personalized jewelry in prestigious jewelry boxes, carefully packed for shipping.
7. Maximize your point of sale – Our back office software provides a weekly analysis of items that were sold. "Personalized Jewelry" helps you to increase you sales by allowing you to dynamically change/add/replace designs in your point of sale device.

If you have never sold personalized jewelry

"Personalized Jewelry" offers you:

1. A new line of HOT jewelry – Increase your profits by adding a lucrative line of jewelry.
2. Refer also to all the points listed above.


 Big Jewelry and fashion stores Point of Sale:

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Wholesale stand for personalized jewelry for local stores